The Eco Boule for abdominal pain, thanks to its natural components, is the environmentally friendly alternative to the hot water bottle, easy to place and convenient to use. It is composed of Buckwheat grains, which can store and retain heat for a long time. We know that the effectiveness of heat therapy in cases of pain has always been recognized and used medically. The constant temperature maintained by the Wheat grains contained in the Eco Boule has a thermodynamic action, relieving the painful sensation and giving immediate well-being.

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Thanks to its natural ingredients, Eco Bottle is the ecological alternative to the classic hot-water bottle. It is easy to position and simple to use.
Eco Bottle is composed of kernels of buckwheat, which naturally retain heat for a long period.
Heat therapy is well known to alleviate a variety aches and pains and has a long history of use as a medical treatment.
The uniform temperature kept by kernels of buckwheat inside the Eco Bottle causes a thermodynamic action, relieving suffering and giving immediate comfort in case of: Abdominal pain, Colic, Congestion, Cold stress.

How to use:

heat Eco-Bottle in a micro-wave (700/800 watts of power) for two minutes. It is also possible to keep Eco-Bottle over a radiator to maintain a proper temperature until it is ready for use.

Position Eco-Bottle with its cotton side facing the part of the body it is to warm.

100% cotton, cloth – Measures: cm 20×30 – Content: 750g


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